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These MP3 are designed to introduce children to relaxation and simple stress-management techniques, by using well-known fairy stories and simple relaxation techniques. Children learn how to productively drift off into their subconscious mind.

These proven techniques encourage mental and emotional health and provide tools for children who suffer from sleeping problems, anxiety and worries. These tracks can work wonders with children who have difficulty getting to sleep or feel anxious and stressed.



Mindful Smilingmindfull smiling

Cost: $2.00 



Three Mindful BreathMindful breath

Cost: $2.00




5 min Feel Good Techniquemindful smiling2

Cost: $2.00




Making room for uncomfortable feelingssad boy backpack

Cost: $2.00



Peter Panboy relax

Cost: $2.00




Little Mermaidgirl leaf

Cost: $2.00





Bundle of all mp3’s

Cost: $8.00

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