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Registered Psychologist & Clinical HypnotherapistB.A.(Psych), GDip Psych., MAPS


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Natalie Turvey, Owner and Director of Drop of Life Pty Ltd, is a registered Psychologist and Clinical Hypnotherapist in the State of Queensland, Australia. Natalie has over 16 years experience in a wide range of settings such as school leavers, child safety, forensic 

Natalie began her career in psychology working with school leavers as a Recruitment Co ordinator and Treasurer for South Coast Industry Schools Co ordinating Organization. Natalie worked with school leavers guiding them to decide on the type of careers they were suited to and facilitating in their Job Recruitment, matching and placement. Natalie maintained the financial records for SCISCO as the Treasurer and prepared forecasts and budgets and worked closely with the financial management committee.psychology, disabilities, and child and adolescent mental health, as well as private practice. Natalie works with concerns such as clinical depression, anxiety, self esteem, addictions, food and habit disorders, relationships, grief and life satisfaction. Natalie combines techniques of psychotherapy including cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnotherapy, dialectic behaviour therapies, interpersonal psychotherapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and family therapy in her treatment plans. She gains satisfaction in helping individuals and families with concerns from depression, anxiety to issues of self esteem, relationship, grief and family therapy. Natalie has a particular interest in helping individuals gain the tools to make life changes and maintain them. Natalie follows strict ethical guidelines to protect her clients and is a member of the QLD Psychologists Registration Board, The Australian Psychological Society.

Natalie moved to take a position with On-Q Human Resources where she assessed clients with disabilities and found appropriate positions within the community. She was responsible for training and supporting clients in their positions and counseling clients through personal issues that may affect their ability to perform adequately at work. Natalie was also responsible for creating and molding appropriate training programs for individual clients. While employed with On-Q Human Resources, Natalie was appointed as the School Liaison officer and was responsible for the formation, organisation, assessment, and deliverance of a Work Preparation Program for school leavers.

Natalie was then offered a position with the Department of Corrective Services with the open facility Numinbah Correctional Centre as a Counselor. While at Numinbah Natalie revised and implemented a Transition Program, where prisoners focused on all aspects of their lives and worked through issues that may impinge on their relapse prevention plans.

Natalie then took a position with Department of Child Safety as a Child Safety Officer where she worked directly with vulnerable children and families, responding to notifications of abuse and neglect, performing the statutory obligations of the Child Protection Act 1999 placing children in out of home care, liaising with families and alternative carers.

Natalie then moved to take up a position with Community Child and Youth Mental Health Service where she worked with children and young persons and their families experiencing serious mental health problems or disorders. Natalie is responsible for assessing children and developing individual care plan for the development of assessment and treatment, including psychometric assessment, psycho education and the implementation of therapies plus accessing support services for children, young people and their families.

Natalie has also been working in Private Practice at Varsity Lakes Family Practice and the Lakeside Rooms. Natalie is also a facilitator of SlimMinds P/L Program. SlimMinds® is a company offering group based programs focusing on the preconscious mind to assist those who choose to change their minds, change their shape and change their lives to achieve their optimal wellness and personal wealth. The SlimMinds website contains much more information and can be found at Previously Natalie has tutored Psychology students for Lifestyle Learning Direct which is an online method of study for people all around the world.

Natalie is a member of the Australian Psychological Society and has served as board member of the Eating Disorders Association of Queensland.

Summary of Qualifications/TRAINING

2017 Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 3: Practicum Training.

2017 Certificate/Advanced Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation – Meditation Teacher Training

2016 Gottman Training - Gender and Sexually Diverse Couples

2016 Gottman - Let's Talk Infidelity - Integrated Couples Therapy

2016 Gottman - Treating Affairs and Trauma 

2016 Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 2: Assessment, Interventions & Co-mobidities

2015 Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1: Bridging the Couple Chasm.

2015 - Animal Assisted Training Therapy for Health Professionals. - Paaw

2015 - APS Suicide Prevention Professional Development Training.

2014 - Exploring your Dreams and working with Symbols. 

2014 – Teen Crime in South East Queensland

2013 – Supervisor Training and Accreditation Program (STAP) 2 day workshop.

2013 - Understanding Grief and Grief Therapy

2012 Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for Depression

2012 - Advanced Training Workshop Series 2 & 3 - Working with Children and Adolescents.

2011 - Advanced Training Workshop - Working with Children and Adolescents.

2010 - Working with Parents' Core Sensitivities in Early Intervention: Advanced 1 Day workshop

2010 - Circle of Security Parenting DVD (4 day workshop)

2010 - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy with Youth and Adolescents

2010 - Love Relationships & Heartaches: A challenge to therapeutic interventions.

2009 5 day Intensive Training 1-2-3 Family Therapy  

2009 - Aspergers Disorder Workshop Practitioner

2009 - Clinical Risk Management

2009 - Emotional Literacy

2009 - Advance Workshop - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

2009 – Rapid Response Program Training

2008 -  Attachment Based Family Therapy  

2008 - Mindfulness Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

2007 –– Suicide Risk Assessment - Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning.

2007 - Mental State Examination - Queensland Centre for Mental Health Learning.

2007 - Emotional Freedom Techniques

2006 - Trans diagnostic Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Eating Disorders Workshop 

2006 - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Children &Adolescence Workshop

2006 - Advanced subconscious skills and Eating Disorders

2006 - Advanced cognitive therapy for emotional disorders

2006 - Advanced cognitive therapy for emotional disorders

2006 - School of Hypnosis, Clinical Hypnotherapy.

2000 - Certificate IV - Assessment & Workplace Training.  

2003 Bond University - Post Graduate Degree in Psychology.

2001 Griffith University Gold Coast Campus - Psychology Bachelor of Arts Degree.

2000 Hospitality Training Association Inc. - Certificate IV - Assessment & Workplace Training.

1998 Griffith University Gold Coast Campus - Childhood Depression

1997 Griffith University Gold Coast Campus - Education studies

Professional Memberships

The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)- Full Registration
The Australian Psychological Society - Ass Member
Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy - Full member

Presentations by Natalie

Business Women Incorporated (BWI) - Balance in your Life.

Mental Health Professionals Network (MHPN) - How does the chicken dance help with mental health? Use of hypnosis in a psychological setting @ Bond University Clinical Education and Research Centre (BUCERC).

Cognitive Based Therapy Group on Food Cravings

Workshop - Interviewing Techniques with South Coast Industry Schools Co ordinating Organization.

Transition Program - Numinbah Correctional Centre

Workshop - Interviewing Techniques with South Coast Industry Schools Co ordinating Organization.

Workshop on Armed Robbery.

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