Mental Health
Jun 9, 2022

5 Reasons to Start Therapy

Have you ever thought about going to therapy, but was worried that your problems were “not big enough”? It is a misconception that you can only go to therapy when you are facing a crisis or having significant mental health concerns. Truth is, therapy is not only for people who are in distress or not functioning well – there are many great reasons to start therapy, and you need to hear them!

1.     You’re interested

Ever wondered what goes on in a therapy session? Curious about your interaction patterns with others? Trying to find your sense of self? All these are great reasons to start therapy. Not only can therapy help you to deepen your understanding of yourself, it can also increase your understanding of the world around you.

2.     You need help processing an event or experience

Any event or experience that affects you is worth talking about in therapy. You may think that it is too “small” to be classified as “trauma” and hence hesitate to start therapy. Your reaction to any event/experience is real and valid- if it affects you, it affects you, regardless of what happened. Going to therapy can help you to process the event/experience with a goal of reducing its negative impact on your life.

3.     You just want a safe space to vent

Perhaps a bit, or a lot has been happening lately, and you just want to tell someone about everything that is going on for you. Perhaps you’ve spoken to your ever-supportive friends, but still feel like you need an extra something. Therapy provides a safe space for you to speak your mind, be validated emotionally, and could even help you to gain new perspectives of yourself and your situation.

4.     You want to learn coping skills

Do you struggle with stress, anxiety, or problems with your mood from time to time? You can learn coping skills that work for you by going to therapy – these are really handy tools that can see you through life’s challenges!

5.     A loved one is struggling

Supporting your loved ones when they are struggling is not an easy feat – it can take its toll on you, both physically and emotionally. Going to therapy could teach you skills to look after yourself while you are playing the role of the supporter. Believe it or not, going to therapy in this case is not only going to benefit you, but also your loved one whom you are supporting.

Therapy is not only reserved for people who are in crisis; anyone can start therapy if they want to. Can you think of any other great reasons to start therapy?

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