Mental Health
Jul 28, 2022

Your Social Media Art Gallery

Social media can be such a treacherous domain – so much that can be harmful, but on the flip side it can also be such a wealth of information. While there is a dark side to social media, if we become "conscious consumers" we can actually create a hive of support and information for ourselves. This can particularly be the case when it comes to body image. I think we can all relate to feeling the negative impact on our mood and how we feel in our own body when scrolling through social media. If all we are seeing is people that we cannot relate to or people who promote unrealistic body standards, it can warp out perception of ourselves.  

I encourage you to start treating your social media feed like your own personalised art gallery – what kind of art do you want to see? What posts or people lift your mood as you scroll by? What types of posts actually negatively impact you or leave your bucket feeling empty? These are the kinds of questions you can ask yourself as you are next looking at your social media. Follow those that you notice build you up, and bravely unfollow/block/mute those that negatively impact you. By doing this, overtime we end up with a curated social media that inspires and supports us. 

As a starting point to your new art gallery, here are some body inclusive/body positive Instagram pages:  

  • @kenziebrenna
  • @bodyimagewithbri
  • @theantidietplan
  • @bodyimagemovement
  • @meganjaynecrabbe  

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