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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy | PCIT

An evidenced-based treatment for families that have children ages 2.5 - 7 with behavioural and/or emotional difficulties.

Who is PCIT for?

Children aged 2.5 - 7 years who have serious emotional and behavioural problems including:

Biting, hitting
Refusal to follow rules and defiance
Temper tantrums, meltdowns, whining
Destruction of property
Throwing of objects
Difficulty playing with others, sharing and taking turns appropriately
If any of these problems apply, that PCIT may be right for your family!

Watch this video of Dr Juliane Pariz where she explains more about PCIT...

How does PCIT work?

PCIT therapists use live coaching to teach caregivers therapeutic skills to increase their child's positive behaviours and reduce negative behaviours through improving the parent-child relationship.

The PCIT Treatment consists of two treatment phases delivered over 12 – 16 sessions:

PHASE 1: Child-Directed Interaction (CDI)Praise Reflect ImitateDescribe EnjoyPHASE 2: Parent-Directed Interaction (PDI)Use effective commands and discipline procedures to manage their child’s behaviors in many settings.

What can I expect?

Improvement of the parent-child relationshipIncrease in child's positive social behavioursDecrease in child's problematic behavioursDecrease in caregivers stressIncrease in caregivers skills and confidence to manage childs beehaviours

Live coaching

The therapist coaches the caregiver on using the PCIT therapeutic play skills with their child during sessions.

Advantages of live coaching

In session practice means that caregivers acquire PCIT therapeutic skills rapidly Therapist provides caring support as caregivers gain confidence and master their skillsTherapist provides immediate feedback about strategies to manage the child’s challenging behaviors

Types of PCIT

In room PCIT: Therapist delivers live coaching of caregiver-child interaction skills in an office-based setting.

I-PCIT: Therapist provides love coaching of caregiver-child interaction skills using a video link inot the families home.

Who are appropriate caregivers for PCIT?

Biological parents
Foster parents
Adoptive parents
Legal guardian
Kinship caregivers

Dr Juliane Pariz

Family and Child Psychologist, PCIT Therapist

PCIT Sessions are conducted by Dr Pariz. Click the button below to book with Dr Pariz.