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Stress Less Box

A resource kit for adults that includes a variety of self-soothing tools, including:
- Skills Page with Barcode videos
- Relax Colouring Book
- Pencils
- Brain Training Book
- Ear Plugs
- Candle
- Hand Cream
- T2 Teabags x 3
- Mini Hotti
- Square Popper
- Eucalyptus Mints
- Fisherman’s Friends mints
- PuzzleDE Stress & Relax Head massage

PRICE: $80.00
(Local pick up at our clinic in Burleigh Heads)


Kids Stress Less Travel Pack

A resource kit for children that includes a variety of self-soothing tools that are perfect for travel and days out:
- Skills Page with Barcode videos
- Relax Colouring Boo
- Colours Markers
- Word Search Book
- Sour Cubes
- Squishy Pet
- Bubbles and Wand
- Ear Plugs
- Pea in a Pod
- Fidget toy
- Bear Popper
- Fisherman’s Friends mints
- Pencil Case for Travel

PRICE: $55.00
(Local pick up at our clinic in Burleigh Heads)


Psychology, Wellness and You - Online Program

Due to current high demand and long waitlists to see a psychologist, we have developed an online program to support you while you wait to start your therapy journey.This online program has been designed by our team of psychologists to provide you with psychoeducation regarding mental health concerns and relaxation/regulation tools, so you can get a head start on your therapy journey. This course is designed to help you walk into your first psychology session feeling ready and prepared.

PRICE: $220.00 $180.00


The Easy Guide to Unbreakable Relationships for Self, Lovers and Others

By Natalie Turvey

Relationships aren't easy. Never have been, never will be, but in today's world, with society operating at a frenetic pace, many of us are losing the ability to connect with others and ourselves. Natalie Turvey has delivered a ground-breaking and thought-provoking book for anyone who has ever felt resentful or unappreciated with ANY relationship, be it work, intimate, friendship, or even with strangers! This quick and easy proven system will work with anyone, regardless of age or gender as you will learn how to take control of what you have control of, yourself!

PRICE: $34.95 $29.95

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