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Claudia Perez

BPsych, MHCar


Claudia is a Provisional Psychologist here at Drop of Life. She originally graduated with a Bachelor's degree of Psychology in Spain and completed that with a Healthcare Master's Degree of Child and Youth Psychology in 2013. She has experience treating a wide range of presentations and working with people of all ages, from infants to adults. She moved to Australia over 5 years ago and continued to practice remotely as a Psychologist in Spain. Claudia is now practicing as a Provisional Psychologist at Drop of Life and soon to be fully registered as a Psychologist.

Claudia's experience and special interest is working working holistically and therapeutically with the whole person, promoting their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. Claudia understands that all of these levels are interconnected, and that treating the mind requires treating the emotional body as well.

She has experience working with mood disorders, personal growth, PTSD, Adjustment Disorders, attachment disorders, stress, and many other presentations. Claudia has a genuine interest in working with children (Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Learning/Education/Social/Developmental Difficulties, Behavioural Management – from ages 0 to 10), parenting and perinatal mental health (before and after birth).

In Claudia's opinion, illness and stress affects not only one’s physical, but also one’s mental, emotional, and general well-being. Through her own personal experience, she believes that psychotherapy encourages a person’s natural healing abilities to emerge and balance the entire body.

With a genuine love for guiding and finding strategies and tools, Claudia utilises compassion, intuition and deep knowledge to create the treatment that you deserve and desire. Claudia is looking forward to meeting you here at Drop of Life.

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