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Dr. Juliane Pariz

B PsychSc (Hons), MPsych (Clinical and Research - High Dist), PhD (Psychology), MAPS


Dr Juliane is a Registered Psychologist with over 10 years of experience working with a variety of presentations.  She holds a PhD from Griffith University, and both a master’s in psychology and a specialisation degree in clinical psychological assessments and diagnoses. Dr Juliane is a trained in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT). This intervention is an evidence-based parenting-centred approach to address behavioural problems in children age 6 and under (see website for more on PCIT: http://www.pcit.org/). In addition, she works with CBT and schema therapy for child, adolescent, and parenting interventions.  

She is interested in working with children, young adolescents age 14 and under, and their families who struggle with various behavioural, cognitive, emotional, parenting, and relational issues. Her work with clients and families is focused on people’s relationships styles, how it impacts themselves and others around them, and how it relates to their symptoms. In the case of children’s and adolescents’ presentations, such relationship styles are still forming. Hence, whenever it is appropriated, she also facilitates the participation of parents and families in the therapeutical process. Her work with clients is also person-centred and strengths-based. This means that she uses an empathetic approach to bring people’s strengths to light and motivate people to use them to enhance their wellbeing. With this purpose, she prioritises a collaborative approach with her clients of any age to gently empower them to choose the growth and healing pathway they want.

Dr Juliane is also passionate about working with culturally diverse populations. She is trained in culturally appropriated mental health care in Australia and has experience working with Aboriginal children and families who live in urban areas in Queensland. She conducts therapy sessions in either Portuguese or English languages.

Dr Juliane has also provided academic instruction to undergraduate and postgraduate Psychology students across 3 universities in Brazil and Australia. Her current research area focuses on youth antisocial behaviour and emotional, personality, and relational traits that can be identified early in life and treated to prevent a series of conduct and mental health-related issues later in adolescence. Dr Juliane has produced research publications in peer-reviewed academic journals and books. She has also presented her research at national and international research conferences.

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