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Narelle Duncan

B. Psych., (Hon.), PhD. Clin. Psych. Candidate. MAPS.


Narelle Duncan is a registered psychologist with General Registration with the Psychology Board of Australia. She is completing her PhD in Clinical Psychology with Griffith University researching factors which support individuals and couples in coping with interpersonal stress and conflict. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed academic journals helping to inform the link between mindfulness (i.e., decentering), coping, and the reduction of interpersonal stress.

With 25 years experience working in the complementary allied health field, Narelle has a passion for supporting people in living happier healthier lives. Narelle values education and an individual’s right to informed choice. She has lectured and facilitated workshops on a variety of health and counselling topics within complementary health and provided academic instruction to undergraduate psychology students at Griffith University.

During her Masters in Clinical Psychology traineeship, Narelle has worked with children, adults, and couples experiencing difficulties making life adjustments and going through symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Using a holistic evidence-based practice approach Narelle collaborates with clients to identify goals and facilitate a treatment program with a client-centred focus. Narelle also has experience working with Paediatricians and GPs in assessing neurodevelopmental disorders in children and adults including offering recommendations after diagnosis.

Narelle facilitates a range of evidence-based therapies including acceptance and commitment, cognitive-behaviour, emotion-focused, mindfulness-based cognitive, and motivational interviewing which are chosen based on best fit to the client’s needs and goals.

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