4 Steps to the Essence of Wellness

Ironically, the most important step in any successful endeavour is the very first one you take in your day. Having a well-structured daily routine can have an impact on your overall health, implementing good habits for physical health, environmental consciousness, social inclusion and financial choices. The Essence of Wellness is as simple as being mindful and having awareness of your actions and planning your day wisely.

  1. FINANCIAL -Financial wellness means taking steps to live with your financial means and living costs, as well as planning for future financial needs. You can do this by planning finances, creating a budget, and learning to be a good and wise consumer. (seek professional financial advice if required)
  1. ENVIRONMENTAL-Environmental wellness means taking care of your global environment and your personal surroundings. De-cluttering your room, recycling your trash, or volunteering to clean up your local environment.
  1. SOCIAL-Social wellness involves a strong social network that can give you support and guidance when you are stressed or need stress relief. Additionally, these relationships can aid in the development of healthy relationships.
  1. PHYSICAL- Physical wellness involves moving your body and engaging in yoga, walking, cycling (any exercise) eating well-nourishing foods, adequate sleep, managing stress, receive preventative medical and dental care.

The Essence of Wellness is a whole improved lifestyle approach, if you require professional support to achieve your own wellness, please book with one of our psychologists at Drop of Life Psychology Clinic.

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