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Jul 16, 2024

Are you saying ‘sorry’ too much?

A dear friend of mine who is going through a tough time has started saying ‘SORRY’ to everything lately. I find this particularly curious because previously this person was confident and sure of themselves. For instance, when they would call and I would say I would call them back because I was out at the moment, their response was ‘Oh I’m so sorry I did not know, I’ll let you go, sorry'. Who answered the phone in the call in the 1st place?  ME! So why were they apologising?

I started to think about how often I find myself saying sorry for things that are not my responsibly. Turns out IT’S A LOT!

I’m a strong responsible woman who runs a busy multi practitioner Psychology Clinic, an international author and online coach and I still find myself saying sorry for things that I shouldn’t, simply out of habit.

I challenge you to check how often you say sorry in a day! I bet its more than you realise.

Tips to maintain confidence and to get off autopilot:

  1. Take a 3 Seconds before you RESPOND to anything – it can be the longest moment in time but it will slow you down enough to get off autopilot.  
  1. Know your VALUES in life – by that I mean who do you want to be? (E.g. Strong, Kind Generous)
  1. Now you have slowed down and can check autopilot, you can take a breath and BEHAVE in a way that is more in alinement with YOU!


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