Mental Health
Jul 16, 2024

Women's Health

Is there a difference between men and women’s brains? Most people would say YES to this question but then wonder if they are being sexist and politically incorrect! On the outset, there is NO difference anatomically, structurally or intellectually. However, there are subtle differences in brain structure. Chemically, men produce more serotonin and women more dopamine (reward part of the brain) which would explain why we need more reinforcement than men. There is also a difference in health conditions, as women are 4 x more prone to migraines and 3x more prone to Auto-Immune Diseases and Anxiety and Depression, and early onset Dementia!

Therefore, we women should be taking more care of ourselves. It’s is NOT selfish to take time out! It’s is NOT selfish to spend that little bit of money on a massage or a weekend away with the girls!  It is NOT selfish! Women are typically the thermostat of the household – which means if we are not ok, NO ONE IS. Therefore, it is the LEAST selfish thing we can do because everyone will benefit if we are OK – meaning we are kinder more tolerant mothers, more loving partners and more available and happy friends.

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